My Defi Pet – WIKI, NEWS & Information (August 2021)

My Defi Pet is a new Play2Earn game of collectible pet NFTs, combining activities such as PVP, PVE, Marketplace, Breeding, Stacking and many others. For now the game is in beta, so not all features are active as of today (which is not to say that there isn’t already a lot of information to consider).

Concept of My Defi Pet Menu (WIP)
Concept of My Defi Pet Menu (WIP)

The game is currently in a growth spurt, with new features being added little by little. Following the indications of the Official Roadmap of My Defi Pet, very interesting new features should be released in August, including the new Marketplace, the new stacking function and a new interface among others. We will also be able to enjoy the first official PvP screenshots, as the PvP system teaser will be released later this month.

Being a game that is still in the development phase, there are still numerous unknowns regarding several of the activities that are going to be able to be developed in it. Therefore, although it is a Play2Earn game focused on obtaining benefits by playing and through the use of its Marketplace and Stacking, it is still not very well known what the exact process that generates such benefits will be.

PS: Our website is merely informative and the information found in it cannot be taken as an investment recommendation. The website is still under construction, as we are in the process of organizing the information as best as possible. It will be ready in a very short time.

Basic information about My Defi Pet

My Defi Pet Wiki & FAQs

Through the different means of information provided by different online communities and My Defi Pet’s own official documents, we have created a compilation with all the information available today on the subject.

My Defi Pet as of today (July-August 2021)

As of today, My Defi Pet is experiencing tremendous growth in both players and the value of its currency, the DPET. As dictated by the Official Roadmap, in Q3 2021 there are already a number of confirmed releases, which could already only appear between August and September if the stipulated targets are met.

Battle Concept - My Defi Pet
Battle Concept – My Defi Pet

The lack of information about several of the most important processes of the game (which have not yet been released), makes it difficult to know for sure what are the best techniques to carry out to earn money with the game. However, all the releases planned for Q3 of this year will shed a lot of light on this subject, and will allow us to start to get a real idea of the money that can be generated and, most importantly, how it will be made.

A summary of the information we have so far

As you will see in the different categories and guides on our website, there are still many details that we do not know. However, the game is already playable and gives us access to several of the basic systems and processes, such as opening eggs to obtain Pets, or planting different foods in the farms. Not long ago the new Breeding system was activated, by which we can combine the characteristics of two Pets randomly to obtain a new Pet (in exchange for 5 DPETs).

My Defi Pet Breeding
My Defi Pet Breeding

The My Defi Pet Breeding system, despite already offering us information, is not cost-effective compared to simply buying eggs to obtain new Pets (as this costs 3 DPETs, in contrast to the 5 it costs to obtain a Pet by breeding two of them. However, it does not make much sense to create the system without offering interesting rewards in exchange, so in future updates, and with more information, we will be able to know what kind of breeding we should do to make the process profitable (which is not possible now with the information available).