My Defi Pet Boss Fight (Evento) – Información y fecha

The new Boss-Fight of My Defi Pet will be the first official event that players will be able to enjoy, and of which we still do not have too much information. For now the information we have has come through different publications of the official accounts of My Defi Pet, both on Twitter and Facebook.

My Defi Pet Boss Fight

Although there are many, many unknowns that will not be resolved until more information is released on the subject, everything points to the fact that we are in the final stretch of waiting for the event. The game is currently in maintenance for 24 hours, and it could be in preparation for this event that so many players are waiting for with a lot of hype (as it is going to be the first really “playable” content, since what little there is so far is very basic).

Latest information about the Boss Fight (Maintenance completed)

Following a Tweet from the official account of My Defi Pet we have been able to know the first official details of the future Boss-Fight, which is getting closer and closer. This is the picture that has been published, which is missing two more pages of what will be the in-game explanation of the Boss-Fight.

Boss Update New info

These are the details that can be brought out:

  • There will be different Bosses of different types and levels throughout the event
  • There will be some specific PETs to use, with certain accessories, for certain types of Bosses.
  • The total prize among all players that can be reached is 200,000 DPET.
  • There will be a total of 100 different Boss levels.
  • The Bosses will have a limited time to defeat them.
  • Every 5 seconds, 100 PETs will be able to join the battle (the portal has limited transactions).

Anyway, this maintenance update has brought with it a Rollback issue on some players’ accounts, so that issue will need to be fixed first.

Official trailer for MyDefiPet’s Boss Fight

Although different official trailers have appeared, in most of them it has been possible to gather practically the same information. Apparently, the battle will be a group battle between several players (it is not known what the exact numbers will be), but multiple Pets have been seen participating in the battle, so it will most likely be in a group.

As you can see in the trailer (published by MDP’s CM) the Boss of this event will have at least one special ability that will allow him to defend himself from the PETs of the players participating in the event. This video also allows us to see in “action” several PETs, being able to see interesting data such as the different minimum attack ranges of each one (you will be able to see that some are able to attack from more distance than others).

My Defi Pet Boss Fight – All information

From the images that we have been able to see in the different trailers, and the different official announcements from the official accounts of the game, we have been able to draw the following conclusions:

  • This is the first MyDefiPet in-game event, in which we will face a Boss between different players (since the images that we have seen indicate that there will be at least 8 Pets in each of these fights).
  • Although it was initially said that the total price of the Boss Fight was going to be 100,000 DPET in total, the latest news indicates that this figure has risen to 200,000 DPET (for BSC, as it has not yet been reported what will happen to Kardia Chain).
  • It will be released in the playable version of the game over the next few weeks (exact date not yet known)
  • Apparently, not all PETs will be able to participate in the event, as they will put some special “norms” or “rules” that the PETs participating will have to comply with. For example, they might require PETs to have green horns (this is an example, it is not yet known what kind of characteristics will be required to participate).

My Defi Pet Boss Fight release date

As we have already mentioned, there is still no exact release date, but everything indicates that it will be very very soon. The release is assured for this month, but there could be only days left before it is released live.

What is the prize for the Boss Fight event of My Defi Pet?

The event is going to feature a total of 200,000 DPET in prizes for Binance Smart Chain, with what will go to Kardia Chain players still to be confirmed. Initially it was only 100,000 DPETs in prize money, but the latest official announcement about the event indicates the new figure of 200,000 DPETs, which is great news for all those who are preparing to participate.