My Defi Pet Account Rollback BUG Solution – ¿What can I do?

Have you lost all the progress in your My Defi Pet account after the maintenance? Are you back to level 1 and with all your PETs at the minimum level? Have you lost all your fields and constructions? If so, you should know that this is something that is happening across the board to many users of the game today, and after reopening the server after the maintenance that has been performed in recent days.

Maintenance completed

Due to some server problems, the game was closed for maintenance just a few days ago, which also served to prepare for the upcoming Boss Fight, about which new information is known. However, upon reopening the server, many users (including myself) have been surprised to find that they had lost all their progress (and the official accounts of the game also do not indicate anything, beyond Telegram, which we’ll talk about later).

For now what is known is that the game developers are already aware of the problem, and are doing everything possible to fix it. For now there is no way to fix it instantly, but if you can resort to certain resources that can help us recover our progress within the game.

My Defi Pet account rollback (Bug)

As we have already mentioned, some users (there are not few) have had their My Defi Pet account unintentionally reset, losing all progress. However, not everyone has been affected to the same degree, as some have (hopefully temporarily) lost their PETs apart from in-game progress, which is even more problematic.

Don’t panic if you don’t see your PETs in the hotel or in your fields (non-existent because they are level 1). First check that they are not in the My Pets tab, which is what happened to me.

That if, even if you have your PETs available in your account, they will all be returned to the minimum level, so the evolved PETs will start from level 10 (at least that’s what happened in my case). I have seen cases of people who have lost evolved PETs and PETs coming from the Breed, so it could be that each case is completely different.

What can I do to recover my progress in My Defi Pet, is there a Solution?

My Defi Pet Account Problems

For now, the only official in-game media outlet to speak out on the issue is Telegram, where a form has been made available to users affected by the problem.

My Defi Pet BUGS form link – Report a problem with my account.

Some details to keep in mind that worked for me:

  • You’ll need to make sure to check the appropriate box for this type of problem (Rollback), as this form is for BUGs in general.
  • The Transaction Hash field is not necessary (or so I understand) for this type of Bug, since we are not reporting a bug with a specific transaction, but of the account in general.

After filling out this form, it only remains to wait until the game developers can fix the problem and give us back everything we had before the maintenance occurred (and a compensation).

Should I start from level 1 again in My Defi Pet?

We still don’t know if they will be able to recover all the progress, or they can only give us back our PETs, so I recommend filling out the form and, while you wait for them to solve the problem, you start leveling up your account from 0. In case they don’t give us back the progress, time is money and it’s better not to wait.