My Defi Pet Breed – Complete guide (step by step)

The Breed in My Defi Pet is one of the most important tools that the game will have in the future. The Breed allows us to create new Pets with the same Pets that we already have, with the advantage of being able to select what type of Pets we would like to have or what type of Pet we want our Breed to be oriented, resembling the characteristics that have the two Pets that we want to join to get a new Pet with very similar characteristics. Thanks to the Breed we can create Pets that favor our needs, create unique Pets or create Pets with skills that favor us in the future for the Play2earn system.

Happy forest My Defi Pet

When we make a Breed, that new breed will become part of generation 1, the generations will indicate how many breeds it has gone through previously to have some idea of what it may resemble, because, if you have joined 2 Pets of generation 0 with Aura and you got a Pet of generation 1 with Aura, at the moment we make another generation, it will have even more possibilities of generating Aura by that Pet, since during 2 generations it has had Aura and this characteristic becomes more and more influential at the moment of the Breed. This does not mean that we will always get aura, but we will have a higher probability of that Aura compared to the previous generation.

Right now it is only recommended to Breed the Pets that we are sure are rare or have special characteristics, such as those with Aura, Outline or special Wings that came out in the first Pets. You can see a complete guide to Pets traits here.

Where to Breed in My Defi Pet?

In order to do Breed in My Defi Pet we have to go to the Happy Forest, which we will find in the upper right part of the map. Inside the Happy Forest we will find a menu where we have to select two of our pets to create a new Pet.

Breed My Defi Pet

How does the Breed work in My Defi Pet?

To create a Pet in My Defi Pet using Breed we have to select the two Pets we want to mate, these have to be minimum level 10 (it is not necessary that the Pet has evolved). We will have to spend 5 DPET to be able to execute a Breed, something that is more expensive than creating a new egg but that can assure us a Pet of a breed we want and can help us to have more probability of getting a Pet with the traits we are looking for.

This tool will be one of the most useful in the game as it will provide us with a high probability of having Pets with the best skills and characteristics, so if for example in the future Rudolphs are the best for PvP we can create new Rudolphs with the intention of having the best stats, skills or even to sell them in the Market for a good price.

What are the odds of the Breed in My Defi Pet?

The probability of Breed in My Defi Pet today is accurate only in generation 0, after the following generations the percentages are changing according to the descendants that have had previously, since, if during generations the same traits are repeated these will have a higher probability of leaving in the future, even that for many generations that have the same characteristics we can never ensure the traits we want.

What is the probability that a Pet is of a breed?

The probability of a breed in My Defi Pet will depend on the two Pets that will make the Breed, the breed will be 50% of a Pet and 50% of another Pet. So if we join two equal Pets of the generation 0 it will be 100% of the breed that these Pets are, after the following generations even if the highest percentage is also of each Pet, there will be a small percentage of another type of breed even if the two are the same, if that Pet has had an offspring with 50% of a breed and 50% of another breed, for example:

Venom Gen0 (50%)+ Venom Gen0 (50%) = Venom Gen1 (100%)

Rudolph Gen0 (50%) + Fang Gen0 (50%) = Fang Gen1 (90% Fang 10% Rudolph)

My Defi Pet Breeding

In the second example we can see that even if the majority of the percentage is from the offspring that has been had, there will always be a trace of the previous generation even if it can not be seen in our Pet, so if during several generations several breeds have been mixed each time we will have less and less chances to ensure the breed we are looking for. Therefore it is very important for us and for the future of the My Defi Pet community to try to have the purest pets possible and trying to mix as little as possible.

What is the probability that a Pet is of a trait?

The probability of the traits in My Defi Pet when we make a breed is already defined by the creators of My Defi Pet, these traits differentiate the rarity of our Pets and surely the abilities and stats improvements that they will have. The traits define the personality of each Pet and these are randomly created in the blockchain when creating a new Pet. Each of all traits are divided into 4 types :

  • 1 main trait, which is the trait that appears in one of the parts of our Pet.
  • 1 main trait, which is the trait that appears in one of the parts of our Pet.
  • 2 traits different from the main trait of the same body part.
  • 2 traits different from the main trait of the same body part.
  • 1 hidden trait that each Pet has and that does not have to be inherited by the parents of our Pet.
  • 1 hidden trait that each Pet has and that does not have to be inherited by the parents of our Pet.

In other words, each trait (glasses, horns, tail…. ) has different probabilities of appearing in the next Breed even if no offspring has one of these traits, so if a Pet appears with a star-shaped amulet, it is still likely that when it Breeds it will have a completely different amulet or even no trait at all, at the same time, a pet that does not have a defined trait can Breed and that Breed can appear with a trait that the parent had hidden.

Here we leave you a table of the probabilities that have to appear the traits, these probabilities then will be a 50% of probabilities that they come out in a Breed, since each trait will have a percentage of coming out according to its father, that is to say that if a father has a horn of two points (30%) and another one has the elongated horn (30%), the Breed will have a 10% of not having any horn, another 30% and 30% of having a different horn and a last 30% of having the same horn as its descendants, within this same percentage it will have a 15% of having a horn with two points and another 15% of having an elongated horn. These percentages vary according to the type of trait it is, since with the Wings, Aura or Contour the probabilities are much lower, that said, here we leave you all the percentages that have to leave each trait for each Pet, remember that later when you make a Breed you will always have to divide it by half according to the traits of the father.

Traits My Defi Pet

Is it worth to breed on My Defi Pet?

Everyone wonders if is it worth to Breed in My Defi Pet and the answer is that right now it is not feasible to Breed because we do not know the skills and utilities that our Pets have. Apart from the fact that it costs us more DPET to make a Breed than to make a new egg, for now we do not have enough information to deliberate if it is profitable to Breed, the only exception that exists right now to Breed is if we have two extremely rare Pets, as is the case of Pets with Aura or Outline, and even so, having more probability that these traits come out is still very difficult to get a Breed with these characteristics.

The ideal time to Breeding will be when we have the skills of our Pets, at that time it will be profitable to Breeding to try to find the best combination of skills or stats. Thanks to this we will be able to have the best Pets and have a clear advantage in the goal.