My Defi Pet Cages – Complete Step by Step Guide

The cages in My Defi Pet are the main resource to be able to leave our Pets and let accumulate the coins (gray) that we will use to improve the cages, buy new cages, buy new fields and buy food to level up our Pets. All cages are limited to 3 pets per cage regardless of the type of cage or level of improvement, its main feature that differentiates one from another is the limit of coins that we can accumulate in total inside the cage.

My Defi Pet Cages
The 3 most basic cages

The cages are unlocked according to the level we have in our account, as well as the limit of cages we can have in our city. We recommend only using the more advanced cages such as the ”Wyvern Cage” and the ”Chimera Cage”.

To maximize the space and profitability that we can get from our cages we recommend trying to leave as many spaces available for the ”Chimera Cage” (unlocked at level 18) and buy the ”Wyvern Cage” (unlocked at level 6) according to the pets we have, in this way we will only use the ”Wyvern Cage” to leave our pets and level them up as well as our account, until we reach level 18 and we can buy all the ”Chimera Cage”.

This is important because for now we can not delete the cages that we have bought and according to our level we only have a limit of cages that we can put in our city, which would lose the opportunity to have the best cages to accumulate coins in My Defi Pet.

Manage the cages for our Pets

The management of cages in My Defi Pet will always depend on how many pets we have and how many cages of different types we have in our city. The best possible management we can do can have two options:

  1. If we have more cages of which do not have the 3 pets in each one we should put our pets that give us more coins alone, the ideal would be to write down how many coins each pet gives you and manage it in such a way that it takes as long as possible to fill our cage with coins. For example, if I have a total of 4 pets and 2 cage, I will have to divide 2 and 2 in each cage, and within this cage put the pet that gives us more coins with the one that gives us fewer coins, because if we put the two pets that generate more coins our maximum of coins collected will reach the limit much earlier than having it divided.
  2. If we have 3 pets in each cage and we have none to spare we will have to separate the pets according to the coins they generate at the time, leaving our worst cage to the pets that generate the least coins and our best cages to the pets that generate the most coins, as it will take much longer to fill the cage with coins.

In the event that we get to have many more cages than pets the most ideal will be to have a cage per pet, in this way it will be very difficult to fill our cage and we can make the most of the time we are not playing in My Defi Pet.

Improve the cages in My Defi Pet

Upgrading the cages in My Defi Pet is necessary to increase the maximum of game coins that we can accumulate, this will help us to accumulate more coins when we are sleeping or we can not play, because when the cage reaches the maximum allowed coins that can accumulate our pets will stop creating new coins. When we upgrade a cage we increase the limit of coins we can accumulate but not the limit of pets we can leave inside the cages.

My Defi Pet Cages
The 2 best My Defi Pet cages.

Keep in mind that when we improve a cage our pets will stay inside but will not accumulate coins, that is why the best time to improve the cages in My Defi Pet is just before you stop playing or when we will be hours without entering the game, so when they are finished improving and begin to produce coins again automatically.

Is it better to buy new cages or improve the cages?

As we have already said the ideal is always to reach level 18 to get the cage ”Chimera Cage”, in the case that we have already achieved level 18 will always be more recommended to buy the maximum ”Chimera Cage” possible, so we can manage and divide more to our pets so they can get to accumulate more coins in our cages. If you are wondering if it is better to buy new cages or improve them I must say that there is not a method that works for everyone because it will depend on how many pets we have and what level of account we have.

If we have not reached level 18 the most advisable is to improve the cages we have and keep waiting to reach level 18, since having limited cages will hurt us in the future the amount of coins we can accumulate in total, there is no big difference in whether to improve a cage or another since all scale equally and our goal has to be to have the largest number of ”Chimera Cage” and have all cages improved to the maximum level.