My Defi Pet Food – Complete Guide (Step by Step)

The food in My Defi Pet is the main resource to level up our Pets. It is very important to manage well the food in My Defi Pet since our progress in the game will depend on it, this happens because the food is linked to the Silver coins, our experience in the account and especially in the food of our Pets to level up.

Farm House and Soil My Defi Pet

It is important to generate as much food as possible per day, since our lands where we can plant are limited according to the level we have in our account. It should be noted that at the beginning it is very easy to level up our pets, the problem comes when we want to evolve them, we will have to have generated 10,485,760 food in total for each Pet to reach its maximum level (level 20), although it may seem a very large number (which it is) as we grow our account will be easier to get more and more food and coins.

Right now the maximum of land that we can accumulate when we have the account with enough level is a total of 12 lands, taking this into account we can generate 120 corn per minute which is equivalent to 7,200 food per hour, luckily as it says on the following poster in the Farm House we will have better methods to get food in the future improving our Farm House with Silver coins and new food.

Info Farm House My Defi Pet

For now we have several types of food in My Defi Pet that offer us different amounts of food, experience and cost depending on how long we let them grow.

MAIZ 1m 50 10 6
TRIGO 5m 300 50 27
PATATA 30m 2.500 250 154
TOMATE 1h 8.000 400 400
ZANAHORIA 3h 40.000 1.600 1.600
FRESA 6h 150.000 4000 4000
MAIZ 1h 3000 600 360
TRIGO 1h 3.600 600 324
PATATA 1h 5.000 500 308
TOMATE 1h 8.000 400 400
ZANAHORIA 1h 13.333 533 533
FRESA 1h 25.000 666 666

As we can see, Corn is the cheapest food and the one that gives us more food and experience per hour in proportion to what it costs, this should be our main food and the one that will make us level up faster without having to spend large amounts of Silver. It is important to be constant in planting Corn since the other foods do not offer us any advantage but to be less time clicking on the food but at a much higher cost, plus if we do not have many cages with animals we will spend more on food than what the cages themselves generate at the minute with our Pets.

Here I leave you a complete guide of the cages and how to get the most out of them.

Finally we leave you a table with all the food needed to raise the Pets according to the level and so you can also assess whether it really favors you to evolve a Pet and try to raise it up to the maximum level, although I can assure you that you can not raise all your Pets to the maximum level easily, you will have to be experts in collecting Corn, for now.

1 5 4 20
2 10 4 40
3 20 4 80
4 40 4 160
5 80 4 320
6 160 4 640
7 320 4 1.280
8 640 4 2.560
9 1.280 4 5.120
10 2.560 4 10.240
11 5.120 4 20.480
12 10.240 4 40.960
13 20.480 4 81.920
14 40.960 4 163.840
15 81.920 4 327.680
16 163.840 4 655.360
17 327.680 4 1.310.720
18 655.360 4 2.621.440
19 1.310.720 4 5.242.880
20 2.621.440 4 10.485.760