How to play My Defi Pet: Tutorial (First Steps)

If you are wondering how to play My Defi Pet, and you are looking for a basic tutorial explaining all the information you need to start playing, you have come to the right place. In this article we will show you the basic functions that you will need to understand in order to start playing, as well as the different functions that are currently available within what is the game itself.

My Defi Pet Tutorial

Anyway, you should keep in mind that there is a lot of information to review and learn in order to master the game, and that this small tutorial contains only the first steps to follow to get started in the game. Likewise, we will leave you links to all the complete information available to date (which is available in the different sections of our website).

Prerequisites to be able to play My Defi Pet

In order to start playing the game, you will need to meet certain prerequisites (nothing really special or complicated). If you are used to the DeFi and NFT game universe, the process is identical to the one followed in almost any of the games of this style. If this is the first time you are going to participate in a game/project of this type, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Create a wallet in Metamask (it will not be necessary if you already have one) and connect it to the game by accessing My Defi Pet (BSC). It is also available in Kardia Chain, although BSC is usually recommended, since it is the most used by most people and offers great advantages when making transactions.
  2. Buy at least 3 DPET: although accessing the game is free, 3 DPET is the minimum expenditure you will have to make to get your first PET and start playing. If you don’t know how to do it, you can access our guide on how and where to buy DPET.
  3. Buy at least one egg, otherwise you will not have any PET in your inventory and, therefore, you will not be able to play anything.

First steps in My Defi Pet – Basic Tutorial

If you meet all the requirements and have already acquired at least one in-game PET, you are now ready to start with the basic guide about the game. These are the most basic details you should know about My Defi Pet:

  1. As you will see, you have 4 markers in the top area, which indicate (from left to right) what your level is, how much silver you have, how many rupees you have and how much food you have. Silver is used for actions like buying new buildings or planting new food. Rupees are used to speed up processes (I recommend saving them for now). Finally, food is used to feed our pets, so that they increase their level and, therefore, their base stats.
  2. You must place your pets inside cages (which you can build as you earn money and advance levels). In this way, your Pets will start generating you an amount of silver/hour, depending on their rarity and characteristics. Keep in mind that only those that are inside a cage will produce silver in the game (those that are in the hotel do not produce).
  3. For now, and with the little content in the game (which will change very soon), the main activity consists of planting food to level pets up to level 10, at which point the pets are evolved (which costs 3 DPET, and is not recommended until more information is known about how it can affect the value of PETs).
  4. When you have successfully leveled up all your pets to level 10, it is recommended that you focus on accumulating as much food as possible, so that you have it available for when the new Boss Fight is released, which is going to be the first official event in the game, as well as the first real Play2Earn feature it is going to have (and which you should prepare for if you are interested in the game, as it has 200,000 DPETs in prizes).

There are other features that are already available in the game, but of which there is not enough information to really take advantage of them right now, such as Breed in My Defi Pet (of which however we already have some interesting information). You can find out everything about the game in our My Defi Pet Guides section, where you have all the latest information.