MyDefiPet – Complete Pets Guide (Step by Step)

With the My Defi Pet pets guide you will be able to get all the information you need to develop in the game in the best possible way. There is a lot of data to take into account when determining the value of a Pet in the game, so we have divided the information into different guides separately.

Pets My Defi Pet

Basic information about My Defi Pet Pets

Although you will need to go through each small category in the guide in detail, here is a small introduction and general summary of all the information:

  • In the game you can get 8 different Pets when you crack open an egg.
  • Each of the 8 main Pets has its own physical appearance and its own advantages, which will increase according to its rarity.
  • Each Pet has several traits and aesthetic complements that have different effects on the Pets, and give them more or less rarity.
  • Each Pet has a small percentage of being especially rare, which gives it a different aura or outline, depending on rarity. Both aura and outline are the two most difficult traits to find in a pet.
  • Pets can reach up to level 10, at which point we must evolve our pet to continue increasing its level by giving it more food.
  • To evolve a pet it will be necessary to spend 3 DPET (there is no other way to do it).

There is still a lot of information missing about many important details of the game, so it is recommended not to evolve any Pet for now, saving the food to give it to the right pet when we get more definitive information about the game.

All My Defi Pet Pets guides

Here you can find all the information we have so far about the Pets in the game, divided into different guides for each of the most important details to keep in mind:

It should be noted that not all the information needed to determine which Pets are going to be more useful than others in the game is available yet. However, by comparing the statistics of the different Pets in the game, certain conclusions can already be drawn as to what each of them might be useful for. At this point, the main system of the game has not yet been introduced, so there are still many unknowns to be resolved before we can say for sure what is best.