My Defi Pet Traits – Complete Guide (Step by Step)

The breeds in My Defi Pet are 8 different, of which each of them can provide us with different advantages for playing, stacking or getting Silver as the game evolves. Each race has predetermined stats that benefit each pet according to their future needs, these stats are also affected by theitems that each pet has. The probabilities of getting a breed in My Defi Pet are not available until the marketplace is released and we can see in numbers how many pets there are of each breed.

My defi Pet Pets

Each breed provides different stats in each of them, these stats will change depending on the breed, items and level. Most likely each stat is balanced according to the function that our pet is going to do, there are races that improve a lot the silver per hour but have worse stats of damage or HP and vice versa. In the future we will be able to really see which breed is more suitable for us to do what.

Don’t assume that you have a bad pet because of how it looks, since it is not yet known how good or rare they will be. Also keep in mind that after evolving our pets according to the race that is completely changes visually, as is the case of Bugsy, even if it seems that we have a Pet that stands out very little visually changes radically when we reach level 10 and evolve the Pet. That said we are going to leave you a list with all the breeds and characteristics of Pets that there are and that we can highlight so far:

Winged PupperWinged Pupper

  • It is characterized by HP and Silver per hour.
  • Element : Wind
  • Always have wings and will appear to fly.
  • When it evolves it will change its body, wings, ears, feet and hands.

Winged Pupper Evolution



  • It is characterized by Silver per hour and speed (it does not stand out for anything in particular as it is one of the most balanced).
  • Element : Light.
  • They always have wings and will appear flying.
  • When it evolves it changes the shape of its body with a resemblance to a bee.

Bugsy Evolution



  • It is characterized by HP, Attack and Silver per hour.
  • Element : Ancient / Unknown.
  • When it has wings it can appear flying or on the ground.
  • It always has a base tail.
  • When it evolves its arms and ears change.

Spike Evolution



  • Features silver per hour and slightly better base HP, Attack and Critical stats
  • Element : Nature.
  • It always has horns, tail, hair on the front and stars on the back.
  • When he evolves he only grows our pet and his ears change a little bit.

Rudolph Evolution



  • It is not characterized by anything special, we could say that it is an average pet.
  • Element : Dark.
  • It always has squares on the body.
  • When he evolves he gets bigger, his legs grow and he gets a shell on the back.

Venom Evolution



  • It is characterized by speed.
  • Element : Ice.
  • It always has a tail and the same fur shape.
  • It has a tail and the same fur shape.
  • When it evolves it becomes bigger, it changes its tail for two tails and two tabs of the same color of the previous tail.

Tygra Evolution



  • Characterized by damage and a little bit by critical damage and speed.
  • Element : Earth.
  • It always has a tail and spots on its skin.
  • It has a tail and spots on its skin.
  • When it evolves it becomes much larger with a wolf-like appearance, it grows a crest on top of its head in the same color as its tail.
  • It has a wolf-like appearance.

Fang Evolution



  • It features HP and a bit of Attack and Critical.
  • Element : Fire.
  • It always has a tail, hair on top of its head and two or three shades of skin.
  • When it evolves it gets bigger, it gets a collar to match other markings that come out on its paws.

Adonis Evolution

This is a brief summary of the Pets breeds that are currently on My Defi Pet, as soon as more information is leaked or we know more about all the characteristics that the breeds have we will update this document. The photos of the evolutions are with different Pets, you can find all the information about the evolution of My Defi Pet here.  The feature elements are leaks that are on the internet and we are not completely sure that our Pets will have these elements.