My Defi Pet Roadmap (Official) – ¿What’s Next?

Thanks to the My Defi Pet Official Roadmap we can get an idea of the release dates of the different features that the game will have once it completes its development. There are a lot of interesting features yet to be released (actually, most of the game currently), so the My Defi Pet Roadmap is a good reference point to decide if you find it an interesting proposal to include in your investment/game profile.

Roadmap My Defi Pet
Roadmap My Defi Pet

It should be emphasized that the releases and the order of the Roadmap may not be fulfilled exactly as stated in the current plan, as they may be subject to date changes, among other things. However, it is a reference to keep in mind, since with more or less accuracy, this is the plan to follow that is stipulated by My Defi Pet as of today.

Official My Defi Pet Roadmap – Official list of releases

As you will see, very important ones are planned for the next few months. Each of the Roadmap sections contains essential parts of the game that many users are very much looking forward to, as there is a lot of curiosity around all the information that these in-game updates will bring.

Q3 2021 (July – September)

Without going any further, in the Q3 of this same year, of which only August and September remain as of today, contains the launch of features as interesting as the Marketplace or the launch of the first season of the game, in which there will be a special event called Boss Fight.

  • Breeding (Block Chain Feature) – Released!
  • Marketplace
  • Staking
  • New User Interface (in-game feature!
  • New option to sell cages
  • Increase of silver bank limit
  • Silver bank limit
  • Launch of Season 1 of My Defi Pet: Boss Fight Event!

Q4 2021 (October – December)

Another of the most important details to keep in mind from the information obtained from the My Defi Pet Roadmap are the releases of all the new Play2Earn features that will be included in the game before the end of the year (if everything goes as planned). Among the most interesting features in this section we can find the new PVP battles, the new in-game token, or the new Skills system (actually all the releases in this section are very interesting and will bring a lot of information).

  • New in-game token for the Play2Earn functions of the game
  • PVP Battle
  • New campaign mode (PVE)
  • New Daily Quests
  • World Boss
  • New Skills System
  • In-game social features.

Q1 2022 (January – March)

  • Campaign mode (unlocking maps)
  • Endless Tower
  • Pet Expedition (in-game Staking feature)

Q2 2022

  • New Mobile App.
  • Limited release of “NEXTGEN” Pets for sale.
  • Season 2: Super Hunger Game.
  • Play2Earn lending pet.

Q3 2022

  • Limited sale of land in the game.